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From Words to Action: World Oceans Day 2020

by Mirella Leis

Small-scale fishers can be a crucial source of food and income for local communities. We must urge that governments pay attention to their demands and create opportunities for them to maintain their livelihoods and ensure food security.


Witless Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada ©Mirella Leis

On June 1-8, 2020, OFI Module I celebrated World Oceans Day with a

Life Below and Above Water: Sustainable Development Goals for Small-Scale Fisheries 


by Gerald Singh

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The Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines and a Human Rights Approach


by Megan Bailey

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Blue Justice for Small-Scale Fisheries 

by Prateep Nayak 

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Secured Access for Small-Scale Fisheries

by Courtenay Parlee

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Written by Vanessa Eyng, Bruna Brito, Marzana Monefa and Mirella Leis.

Bruna Brito and Marzana Monefa are Memorial University international students who have been hired as part of the COVID-19 Job Initiative, a joint effort between OFI Module I, Too Big To Ignore, and the Nippon Foundation Nereus Program. Vanessa Eyng and Mirella Leis have supervised the group of students throughout the writing process.

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