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Call for proposals - The Robin Rigby Trust Collaborative Coastal Research

Patricia Robin Rigby (Feb 28, 1977 - Dec 9, 2007) had the opportunity to live and study in a variety of cultures and geographical areas. Her research and professional work benefited greatly from this international experience, which enabled her to appreciate the need to adopt alternative resource use strategies within varied local frameworks.

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The Robin Rigby Trust was established in 2007 in memory of Patricia Robin Rigby. The fund supports coastal and nearshore conservation research conducted by young people, and encourages international collaboration. The fund is seeking proposals for projects focused on environmental and resource management, social and economic development, conservation and biodiversity surveys, and policy studies, with a specific emphasis on improving livelihoods of those living in coastal communities. Projects should be designed to produce direct benefits to communities, and establish strong collaborative links between applicant and community partners.

Applications should include a proposal consisting of i) a description of the proposed project, including methods and time frame, ii) a detailed description of collaboration with coastal communities, research organizations, or non-governmental organization; iii) expected outcomes, iv) a budget, and v) an applicant description. One Letter of Support is also required from your primary community-based partner in the proposal. 

Read about past recipients and their projects.


Eligibility criteria, application format, and instructions for proposal submission can be found here. The deadline for the current round of proposals is October 31, 2021.

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