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Bright Young Faces

Meet our Research Assistants who have recently completed their work-term with OFI Module I and our partner Too Big To Ignore.

Image of Kyle

Kyle Martin

Kyle is pursuing a Civil Engineering degree at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

"I come from a small community on Newfoundland's west coast, called Woody Point where small-scale fisheries make up a large part of the community. My experience in the fishery involves working in the local fish plant in Woody Point where I dealt with many different fish products. Also, I have heard many stories from the local fishers. With this work term I can use some of my own knowledge to help me understand the different perspectives in the fishery as well as contribute to the research that will be beneficial for the Getting IT Right Dialogue next year. Overall, this work term has been a great experience. It has really helped me further develop my writing an my communication skills, which will be very important moving forward in engineering."

Image of Liam

Liam Gregory

Liam is completing the last year of his bachelor's degree in Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering at the Memorial University of Newfoundland.

"My background comes very much from a technical place dealing with the design and modification of ships and subsea electronics. I am very grateful that I have had the opportunity to learn about fisheries and the marine industry in a different light. I intend to take the knowledge that I have gained in my time with OFI forward in my future work. An area of particular interest to me is the issue of small-scale fisheries and how they compete with large-scale commercial fisheries. Perhaps there will be something that I will be able to work on in the future, which will help to resolve that issue. My hope is that I can now bring new ideas and options to the table in my future projects; a new perspective for consideration."

Image of Samia

Samia Nusrat

Originally from Bangladesh, Samia is doing her undergraduate in Computer Engineering at the Memorial University of Newfoundland.

"I belong to a country where fisheries play a massive role in the country's economy. I have often heard on the news about the impact of natural disasters on the fisher's lives. As I was looking for a job for my first work-term during this pandemic, I am glad that Dr. Ratana Chuenpagdee offered me this opportunity to work with TBTI. I have been adding records to the TBTI Information System on Small-Scale Fisheries from various sources, collecting news articles about the fisheries in Bangladesh, and have been involved in developing a session on 'Blue Justice in Bangladesh' for the upcoming 'SSF Open House' event."

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